Can one automatically download investment income into multiple dividend income categories?

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I would like to differentiate between investment income from a traditional IRA vs a Roth IRA. I was considering using tags to do this but not sure if that is the best approach. For example, at Brokerage A I have a traditional and a Roth IRA. When transactions are downloaded, dollars flow to a dividend income category. Is it possible to set up a default so the dividends from the Traditional IRA get tagged as traditional and the dividends from the Roth get tagged as Roth automatically during the update? Or do I have to go back and manually add the tags? Or is there a better way to accomplish this? Thanks


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    I don't know of a way to identify separate classes of dividends other than the Tax Free setting for securities. Can you explain why you want separate Categories or Tags for the dividends? Quicken associates each dividend with its security and account.

    For reporting purposes you should be able to separate the Traditional and Roth dividends by selecting one account or the other or by grouping the report by Account.

    Dividends in Traditional and Roth accounts are taxed the same, i.e. not taxed.

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    I suppose you’re correct in that there really is no need. I’m just a bit lazy and wanted to see it on my monthly income statement rather than having to run supplementary reports. The reason I look at it is because eventually money withdrawals from the reg IRA are taxed. For the past several years I have been slowly converting regular IRA funds to Roth accounts. I just kind of like seeing income on my monthly statement that I’ll never have to pay taxes on (other than the initial contribution that is) vs income that goes into an account that will be taxed once it’s withdrawn. Silly, I know. I was just wondering if there was a way. Thanks for responding.
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