Net worth Report bank balance not matching correct balance.

I have version R47.15, Windows 10


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    More details would be helpful.

    Is the ending date for the Net Worth report set to today?

    Is th Net Worth balance different from today's balance in the register for that account? If different, make sure the register is sorted by Date.

    Is it different from the balance in the Account Bar, usually on the left side of your screen? If different, click on the gear at the top tight of the Account bar and make sure it is set to “Show current balance”

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  • Net Worth report is for end of January. Register is sorted by date and it doesn't match the end of January bank balance. Even if I change it to Year to Date Report, the balance doesn't match the current register balance. There are 3 bank balances on that report and two of those are correct. But one is not.
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    Here are the steps I would follow to sort this out.

    1. If you have not already, compare your register to the built in report at Reports > Net Worth & Balances > Net Worth rather one you have saved or accessed elsewhere in Quicken
    2. Compare your register to the report at Reports > Net Worth & Balances > Account Balances.
    3. Back up your data, then go to File > Validate and Repair, select Validate File, and repeat Steps 1 and 2
    4. If Validate and Repair does not fix it, go back to the report in step 1 and set the ending date earlier until the balances on that date agree. Find when they first diverge and see if there is an unusual trnasaction on that date. Delete and re-enter that transaction to see if that changes the result.

    Please let us know what you find.

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  • Tried that and still didn't work. But I went to my backup, 2 weeks back where it still works correctly and worked it from there. Thank you.