2023 Tax Planner - current, or projected?

I saw somewhere in Quicken that the Tax Planner (and the Tax Center tab also?) is supposed to present a projection for the fiscal year based on information presently in Quicken. Neither do, showing only the present numbers, with the exception of showing the total FY Standard Deduction amongst the presently-entered data everywhere else. The scenario shows me that I will get a very, very generous refund. Hah. This doesn't allow for planning at all. Is it just me doing something wrong?

It also appears to me, based on the posts in this community, that the tax planning feature needs a whole lotta work.


  • markus1957
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    Unless you have a homogenous monthly income and spending stream Tax Planner needs scheduled reminders to project tax obligation. It's not hard to set up but can take time. Start creating reminders for a few of your most eratic spend and income tax categories in the planner. Then add more to get the accuracy you desire.

    I use over 100 reminders and get a pretty accurate tax projection each year.

  • Chris_QPW
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    One thing to note that if you don't have a paycheck the is homogenous monthly and goes for the whole year, then you will need to use income reminders instead of paycheck reminders. Paycheck reminders don't allow for any end date.

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