Quicken is subtracting credit card charges from the balance, should be adding to balance due

Something changed with adding a new credit card some months ago. Now when a Chase card charge is downloaded and accepted, the charge correctly appears in the charge column, but it is then subtracted from the balance column rather than adding it to the balance which is what I will need to pay Chase. When I go to edit this account under "general" I see type as "credit". correct. This is an error Quicken is making. I can find no way to correct this. Nor could customer support late last year. Now, I am trying again. Has someone encountered this problem? and what was the solution?. Chase is correctly downloading the charges as a positive number but then subtracts it from the ongoing balance due.


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    A card charge should make the balance more negative. And the balance should be RED. Is that what you're seeing?

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    I see 4 columns: charge payment amount balance. A$15 credit card charge is correctly entered in the charge column - in black. But it appears in red in the "amount" column i.e. negative. It is then subtracted from the balance. This is telling me that with each card charge I am owing Chase less and less. Why isn't the balance column showing the current card balance?
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    Have you received a reply to your comment/question ? I am new to Quicken and trying to understand the auto download of credit card charges and how this works when I have the cc being auto-paid.

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    About Register Column Amount together with Charge and Payment Columns

    Does your account register show the Amount column together with Charge and Payment (or Payment
    and Deposit) columns?
    Depending on your personal preference you should use
    • either the traditional pair of Charge and Payment columns together
    • or the newer Amount column alone (where you have to enter negative amounts
    with a Minus sign and positive amounts with a plus sign)

    but you really don't need all three of them.
    Please decide which columns to use and remove the other one(s) from the view.

    Q Windows: To add / delete columns in your register click the Register Columns gear icon located next to the Balance column header.
    Q Mac: there's a Columns button at the bottom right of the register view

    Filtered register? Unexpected register sort order? "Missing" data? Unusual Running Balance?

    Did an unexpected mouse click mess up your register?
    Could it be that your account register in Quicken is
    - filtered to show only certain transaction types or
    - sorted in some unexpected way other than by Date or
    - limited to a certain Date Range or
    - perhaps only showing the results of a search instead of "all transactions" or
    - not scrolled all the way to the top or bottom of the register?

    Filtered register?

    Check the filter settings (on top of the register). Is the register filtered in any way to only show selected transactions? If so, click the Reset button to reset the filters.

    To show all transactions in the register, the Filter settings should be:
    "All Dates", "Any Type", "All Transactions".

    Date Range filter selection excludes the dates you're interested in?

    Check the Date Range filter to see if it prevents you from seeing the dates you're interested in. For example, a Date Range = "This Year" won't show you last year's transactions

    Only Search results shown?

    Is there any text in the Search box in the upper right-hand corner at the top of the account register?

    If there is text and a (red) X, click the X to reset the register from showing only search results back to normal mode.

    Unexpected Register sort order?

    Is the register sorted in any way other than by ascending Date? Look at the register's column header ... which column header is highlighted and/or has the little black triangle?

    About Register sort order:

    For best results, your account register should be sorted by Date in ascending order.

    Click a register column header to effect a different sort order by the clicked column. Click the same column header again to toggle between ascending and descending sort order. A small triangle next to the column header indicates the sort order: "▲" pointing up for ascending or "▼" pointing down for descending sort order.

    For more Register Sorting Options, click the Account Actions gear icon then click Sorting Options. Review and work with the available sorting options to see what they do.

    New transactions appear to go missing right after you save them?

    For example, you are entering a number of back-dated transactions and they appear to disappear ... they're most likely above the currently shown transactions page in the register and you have to scroll up to see them. To keep them on the screen, Sorting Option "By Order Entered" will help keep these transactions on the bottom of the register, next to the new transaction entry line. Just don't forget to re-sort the register by Date when you're done.


    BTW, if you owe money on a credit card account, the Running Balance should show as a negative number, in red. If it isn't, either the Opening Balance transaction is incorrect or you are missing some credit card payment transactions in your register.
    When an account register is not sorted by Date, the Running Balance either does not show or is meaningless. The Running Balance is calculated from the top of the register down transaction after transaction. It is NOT the balance of your account register on the date of the transaction you're looking at.

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