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If you have multiple investment accounts, it is sometimes nice to review their balances all for a specified date period. In the left pane for MacOS Quicken, each account is nicely listed, but shows only the current date value. Its a pain to go into each account, set the portfolio date, record it somewhere else, and then move on the next account.

What is requested is to be able to select the "Investing" heading in the left pane summaries, and then set a date (which it seems you can already do), and then have each summary dollar amount represent that account's value on the specified date (which it does NOT do currently). Be ideal to have the Specified Date indicated beside or under the "Investing" header so one doesn't forget the setting.

This would seemingly be an easy fix, but would be a massive improvement.


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    I think you've missed some tools which are already in place to do exactly what you're seeking. Click the Investing heading in the left sidebar. Click Portfolio. Set the date you want to see. Make sure the filters are set for “Portfolio Value” and “By Account”. And there you have it: the portfolio view shows you your account balances as of the selected date.

    Alternatively, you can just open a Net Worth report. It does exactly what you want: shows the value of each account as of a specified date. (The default Net Worth report shows all accounts, but you can customize and save one which just shows your investment accounts if you wish.) Just open the report, click edit, enter the date, and there's your report.


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