Partial Refund Due To Ongoing Connection Issue?

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Since the issue with connecting to banks such as Citi and others has been continuing since Sept 2022, will there be any type of refunds on the subscription price? I (and likely many other users) have not been able to download transactions from credit card companies, banks, etc. for months. Constantly seeing "this has been escalated to..." messages are getting tiresome. There are many users that depend on this connectivity.


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    @CHobs I think you'll find that the conectivity problems are a series of sometimes overlapping seaprate issues, not some global inability to download transactions. Some are fixed, but then something else breaks. Some work fine for some people but not others, depending how they have their connectivity configured.

    That said, there won't be any general refunds Quicken will issue, and there's no one on this forum who can help with this issue. I suggest you call Quicken Support, explain to the representative that you have been unable to download from [insert name(s) of financial institution(s)] for 4 or more months, and ask if they will extend your subscription because you are unable to use the program fully. I can't guarantee success, but I do know some people have aid that Quicken Support has given them extra mnths on their subscription due to prolonged service outages. Don't yell at the Support representative — remember it's not a problem of their making — and if you're reasonable in explaining your case, you'll hopefully get some satisfaction.

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    @jacobs Thank you for the suggestion. Yeah, I wouldn't doubt that multi-factor security may partially be the culprit. And yes, you are correct-- it's not the support rep's doing. The nature of computer technology safeguards are likely the main factor in all of this.
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