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P Oak
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When I try to add a new bill reminder Quicken now insists that I link it and if I don't do that, it won't add it to the account on the due date. Linking is supposedly an optional setting, but I can't figure out how to remove it. In the past I've added plenty of reminders without encountering this problem.

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  • UKR
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    When adding a new bill reminder using the Bills, Income & Transfers view, click the “+” button and select “Manual Bill” from the popup

    When doing same from the Tools Menu / Manage Bills and Income Reminders view also choose “Add”, “Bill”, “Manual BIll”.

  • P Oak
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    I do not see the choice of manual bill reminder. Perhaps this is because I am using the 2017 version?
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    If you're using an expired subscription, you can't do anything online any longer anyway. No online bill pay. No transaction downloading. Nothing online.
    And, yes, you shouldn't have the (new since 2017) Online Bill Manager functions.
    To add a new scheduled reminder use the Tools Menu / Manage Bills and Income Reminders view and choose an option from the “Add” Menu choices.

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    Perhaps. I don't have 2017 to look at. Can you find the option here?

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  • P Oak
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    I find Quicken very useful but I don't use it online. (However, it looks as if I will have to upgrade in order to get the manual bill reminder feature. It's not there now
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    Path on QW2017 to create manual reminder:

    Tools | Manage Bill & Income Reminders or press CTRL J on your keyboard

    From Bill and Income Reminders window, click Create New | Bill Reminder

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