Deletion of Duplicate Downloaded Investment Transactions

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sHOW can User efficiently find and delete hundreds of downloaded duplicates?

Issues prompt me to re-open unresolved yet closed Q Community topic “How to delete 781 duplicate investment transactions downloaded?” (#7926742 from Jan2023). When I went to Investment Register's Gear > Reconcile Shares, 75+ Securities Qty Comparison Mismatches showed. All registered between Nov22 - early Feb23. Like original poster, hundreds of individual investment transactions downloaded to my register twice and seem to be root of Qty Mismatches. It's a first in my >20 yrs of active Quicken use.

I'd appreciate insights to find ways to identify duplicates without needing to do a full-blown review of entire investment register or a one-by-one evaluation of each Security. I'd also like to learn which, if any, Investment Reports let User click on duplicate transactions and go directly to corresponding register to fix. Q Banking Reports let User click on suspect transactions to resolve directly in its register. Instead, clicks of Investment Report transactions go to a general entry field without option to delete transaction. Any other solutions welcomed.


  • Tom Young
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    My first approach, assuming this is just happened “today”, would be to go back to “yesterday's” good file and try again, making sure Auto Entry was entirely disabled to at least keep them out of the transaction list itself. If you're sticking with what you've got then one approach that's a least a little easier is to run a Banking Transaction report using only that Investment Account and for the 11/22/22 - 2/XX/23 period. That report is a lot easier to look at and it does allow you to select individual transactions either singly or en masse using the Windows {Ctrl}-select function.

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