Scheduled Transaction Not Visible in Register When Viewing "Next 7 Days" (Q Mac)

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I have a scheduled transaction that is visible in the register when I set “Show reminders for…” any option except “Next 7 Days”. When “Next 7 Days" is selected, the scheduled transaction does not appear in the register for unknown reasons. Below are two screen shots viewing “Next 14 Days”, where the USAA VISA scheduled transaction is visible; and viewing “Next 7 Days” where the transaction is not visible.

Viewing “Next 14 Days”

Viewing “Next 7 Days”

Does anyone else see this issue? I think it has been around for a while.

Thanks, Will

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    Well that's interesting! I can't replicate a transaction which doesn't show under Next 7 Days like that; all my schedueld transactions in various accounts show and hide as expected as I change the setting for scheduled transactions.

    It's odd that you have two transactions on the same day, and only the one disappears when you switch to Next 7 Days. Are you looking at a single account here, or are you in an account group (e.g. Banking or All Transactions)?

    Is it always the same transaction which isn't visible when it should be, or does this happen with random transactions? If you edit the USAA transaction to be one day later, does that change anything?

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    @jacobs, the screenshots were taken when viewing a single account. I don't have answers to your other questions except that I believe I have seen this before with other transactions. That is, I was looking to mark a tranaction as paid but couldn't find the scheduled transaction. In the past, I would usually extend the number of days to view from 7 to 14 and the scheduled transaction would appear (and I assumed operator error). But today, I finally realized the missing scheduled transaction should have been visible in both views. Once I marked the scheduled transaction as Paid, visibility works as expected. I'll be more watchful next time I see the behavior and try some experiments. Thanks, Will

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