What banks allow importing older than 90 days?

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PNC only imports 90 days, which I think is pretty standard. Older transactions can be only be downloaded as CSV which doesn't import well.

90 days is super frustrating. I would gladly switch banks to one that lets you download historical data in an importable format. Are there any ones out there? Or has the Quicken ecosystem devolved into 90 days only? :(


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    Well, this is typically only a startup issue; once you've set up the account in Quicken and imported whatever history you want/can get, you just need to download your transactions on an opngoing basis before 90 days passes — which almost every Quicken user does.

    Veyr few banks allow you to directly import more than 90 days of transacitons, but I'm not aware of any list of such financial institutions. However, many banks do allow downloading transactions goibg back a year or even more in QFX or Quicken format — and those will import fine. Does PNC not offer QFX downloads?

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    Thanks for the reply.

    No, PNC only offers QFX on the last 90 days. They used to do longer, but that changed in the last couple years, presumably because longer than that requires extra payment to Quicken.

    I have set myself a reminder to launch Quicken and download every couple of months but I've still missed about half of last year because I just didn't get around to it. Honestly, I do most of the reconciling once a year at tax time. My fault, but still 90 days is just very inflexible. We really should be able to download 10 years no problem (or however long my bank provides statements). It's certainly not a technological issue. This is one of Quicken's most basic functions.

    I used Quicken 2007 until a couple years ago. Still getting used to the new Quicken. I dislike the subscription model but acknowledge they need to make money. So I'm kind of unhappy that the basic function of downloading seems to be getting more and more limited. I'm once again wondering if I even really need Quicken. Sorry to grumble.
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