Printing reports (Q Mac)

When I print my reports the text is way too small - almost need a magnifying glass. I have Sierra 10.13.6 on my old Mac Pro and cannot upgrade it.


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    What version of Quicken Mac are you running?

    A few things you can try…

    • In the Print dialog box, is there a “Scale to Fit” checkbox? If that's checked and it's scaling to 1-page wide, you can uncheck it and change it to 2 pages wide, which will allow the type to be bigger.

    • Are you printing your reports in vertical (portrait) mode? If so, switch to horizonal (landscape) mode, and the wider page will make the text scale larger.

    • Are there any columns in the report which you don't need? If you remove columns, it will allow the text to be scaled larger.

    • In the report, if you drag the column headings to the left to make them narrower on-screen, they will also be proprotionally narrower in the printed report, which will also allow the text to be scaled larger.

    Some of these tips only apply to reports using the “new” reports engine; depending how old your version of Quicken is will determine which reports you have.

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