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This is listed as a general error and my financial institution has rejected the Quicken request for downloading transactions; thus, I am unable to download my transactions into Quicken. After contacting my bank, they stated that the issue was not their fault, and I should contact Quicken Support or the Community.


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    This is a copied reply from Quicken Anja to someone with a similar problem. I tried to post the link to that discussion but was unsuccessful. Another community member indicated he had the same problem and this solution resolved the problem

    1. In Quicken, select the Tools menu, then choose Online Center.
    2. Click the Financial Institution dropdown arrow and select the financial institution.
    3. Press CTRL+Shift while selecting Contact Info.
    4. Select one of the accounts associated with the bank from the dropdown list
    5. Select Financial Institution Branding and Profile from the list and click Refresh.
    6. Click OK and go online by clicking the Update/Send button.
    7. Attempt your online session again.

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    Who is the financial institution?

    How long have you been getting this error code?

    OL-301-A error codes indicate a connection issue has occurred whereby the FI did not allow Quicken to connect with it. Because it usually means that it is an issue that Quicken generally cannot fix. (You can read more about this issue at https://www.quicken.com/support/error-when-using-online-services-ol-301 .)

    In most cases, OL-301-A error codes are temporary issues that will self resolve later in the day or by the next business day morning. They most commonly occur on weekends and at other times when FIs are more likely to be performing system maintenance.

    When I get an OL-301-A error code I will usually immediately try doing Update Now (Account Register > upper right Gear icon > Update Now). I've found that Update Now will often work when OSU failed.

    When Update Now does not work, I will usually try to update later in the day or the next morning.

    If the error code has been consistently occuring for more than 1 business day, oftentimes Reset Account (Account Register > upper right Gear icon > Edit Account Details > Online Services tab > Reset Account) will fix the issue. (If prompted make sure to Link to the current account in Quicken.)

    If Reset Account does not fix the issue, then perhaps deactivating/reactivating (Account Register > upper right Gear icon > Edit Account Details > Online Services tab > Deactivate > Set Up Now) will resolve the issue. Be sure to backup your data file before implementing this process. (If prompted make sure to Link to the current account in Quicken. Also, that this process might change the Opening Balance transaction dollar amount so make note of that before proceeding and if there are any duplicate transactions entered into the account register they will need to be manually deleted.)

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R55.15 on Windows 11)

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    [Removed - 3rd-Party Link] Hope this helps! A great point was made that sometimes on weekends, banks do system maintenance which explains why those transactions cannot be downloaded.
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