Is there documentation on Mint's CSV format?

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I have some investment accounts which I am tracking with Quicken (v6.12.3) for macOS. However, I am using the Quicken feature to auto-download the status of the account. However, the company does not support downloading the individual transactions, which I would like to track inside of Quicken. But, I do not want enter these transitions manually. The do allow me to download the transactions as a CSV file. I had the idea of taking that CSV file and converting it to something that Quicken can import. Quicken can import CSV, but only from Mint. This may be an option for me, but I need to know what Mint's CSV format looks like.

Can anyone point me to documentation on it? If so, is the documentation “official” or just something someone figured out?



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    There's a comment thread where the Mint CSV format is documented; searching the forums for “Mint CSV” should turn it up. I don't think there's anything official, since officially nobody outside Quicken should need to know, but it's not a big secret either since anybody could export a Mint CSV file & look at it.

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    Be aware that the Mint import was designed for a one-time import for users converting from Mint to Quicken Mac. I think the problem you will find is that each time you import a new CSV file is that it will create a new account in Quicken; it only takes a few seconds to select all thranactions, move them to your exisitng account, and delete the now-empty import account — but you may find this a tiring dance to do every time your download transactions.

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