Depiction of Income is inconsistent

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Quicken Deluxe for Mac 6.12.3: In my bank account, Transactions screen Income type shows all positive entries, but on the Income screen not all incomes are shown. For example, I have annuity payments that are transferred from annuity accounts to my bank account and appear as income in Transactions, but do not show up on the Income screen, either in the listing or pie chart.


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    By “Income screen” are you referring to the Income and Expense card on the Dashboard? Transfers are not considered income since you already received the income in the transferring account. Income assignment is based on the category and Transfer is not an income category. However, assuming the transaction where the funds were credited in the annuity are assigned to an Income category, the amounts should show up in the card.

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    Also, if you record the payment into a retirement account, most Quicken income reports will omit income in retirement accounts, unless you explicitly enable the account(s) in Edit > Accounts for the report. If that's the case, post back with more information, and we can offer some other workarounds to get the income to show up on a report.

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    Sorry about any terminology confusion. Again, I have pension, social security, and annuity payments deposited directly into my checking account. The only difference is that I separately manage the annuities because they are variable and involve the sale of shares for the payments and certain riders, and I show these as transfers from the annuity account. I'm talking specifically about register transaction screens. When I select Income as the transaction type from the filter bar, annuity transfers along with my pension and soc sec are all shown on the filtered transaction screen. However, when I use the Transaction-Spending-Income "bar" (not well or at all described in Help) and select the Income button, the resulting pie chart and transaction listing is missing the annuity payments. This what I mean by inconsistency.
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