Reconciliation off - 6 year old transaction amount blanked out

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Wondering if anyone else has encountered reconciliation errors with 6.12.3? I've not reported this via Report a Problem yet as it might just be a one-off problem.

I reconcile to my statements monthly. My Chase account reconciled fine last month. Trying to reconcile now, it was of by 2.99. Fortunately, I still have my QWin data file with transactions through the end of 2022, so I searched backwards to find a prior balance-after-payment that did not match…

I found an 11/29/2016 transaction that was supposed to be for 2.99 but which had a blank amount… payee and category still correct. Somehow, QMac blanked out the amount field for this 6+ year old transaction at some point in the last 30 days (6.12.1, 6.12.2 and 6.12.3 builds) since the reconciliation a month ago was fine.

Data loss is a bit of a scary thing. Never had this happen with QWin.

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  • jacobs
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    I have not seen this behavior in my Quicken data, at least so far. I'm curious, when you opened Reconciliaiton History, didn't it show that your first reconciliation of this account (since you've been in Quicken Mac), which would have included this 2016 transaction, was off by $2.99? And when you opened that reconciliation, did it not show this transaction amount had changed? Or did your transactions imported from Windows which were reconciled not get included in the first reconciliation?

    Also curious: if you open one of your Quicken Mac backups from just after you reconciled last month, can you find the transaciton shoing the $2.99 value correctly? I wonder if you can pinpoint when the amount changed.

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  • MontanaKarl
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    Thanks, @jacobs Using Time Machine to look at different versions of the file in February was a great idea. All was fine until about Feb 15 when the amount field for the 2016 transaction got blanked out. The category was blank when the 2.99 was shown (confirmed as uncategorized in the original Windows file) and I was cleaning up any old uncategorized transactions. I'm not sure how I could have added a category and blanked out the amount in the same edit step, but who knows, maybe somehow I did.

    Hopefully this was a user (me) issue. Encouraging that neither you, nor anyone else so far seems to have seen something like this.

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