Has anyone noticed a reconciled account missing a transaction?

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I started working on my taxes and went to the last time I reconciled, which was November 2022. I reconcile by paper so I pulled my last statement and the statement doesn't match what is showing reconciled in Quicken. After lots of research, I found an entry was missing from 9/9/2019. There is no way I could have reconciled if this entry was missing last November. I go to another account, and it is also missing an entry. I looks like Quicken is losing my information. Has this happened to anyone else? I always use the same file and same computer. I have multiple accounts so I am now checking all.


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    Do you download transactions, or is everything manual? A while ago, Quicken was messing with Opening Balance transactions, perhaps in an attempt to make the ending balances match and it is possible you may be seeing a side effect of that.

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