Why am i unable to reconcile my checking account on my imac

I feel frustrated because my old version allowed me to easily reconcile my Checking Account. I am unable to access the bottom right "reconcile" tab. It doesn't light up so that I am unable to reconcile my checking Account. I have purchased Quicken Online.


  • jacobs
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    There is no “Quicken Online” product. Are you perhaps referring to Simplifi, which is Quicken's online service? If so, you should post in the Simplifi user forum, as most of us here have not used Simplifi.

    If you're actually using Quicken Mac, whch is the category you posted your comment in, please confirm. And if so, do you mean the Reconcile button in the bottom toolbar on the right side? If it is gray, it's because you have not click on a single specific account in the left sidebar. If you click on a group such as All Transactions or Banking or a subgroup such as Cash or Credit Cards, you can't reconcile; you must click on the account name under the group heading.

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