Can't add expense subcategories any longer.

Expense subcategories can no longer be added or edited. The only drop down menu for editing subcategories is for Income subcategories. I've tried repair and validate. I've tried using older backed up version. Nothing fixes this. Between not being able to properly categorize expenses, and not being able to update bills in quicken (another new problem), I'm about ready to give up. Any others having this problem?


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    It sounds like you're using Quicken Windows? You've posted in a Quicken Mac category, but if you confirm, we can get a moderator to move it to where Windows users will see it.

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  • G002466
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    I too have the problem of not able to add a subcategory. looks like new edit forces you to select a Category to assign the subcategory to but the drop down does not contain the category… i.e. i was adding a subcategory tot he ENTERTAINMENT category, but Entertainment is not listed in the drop down… this is obviously a new edit as i looked at old subcategories and they did not require the feild selection.

    Any idea when this will be fixed??

  • UKR
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    To solve the problem you need to find the offending category, whether it is one named something like "ACCT_1234" or an exact duplicate of another existing category name, and delete it.
    That's the only way I know of, at this time, to make the category selection list work again. I do not know what Quicken will be able to do to fix a corrupted Category List and if and when this will ever happen.

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