Roundpoint Morgage does not sync transactions

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I was unable to sync transactions using Quicken for Roundpoint Morgage Services.

I called them and asked about it, and they said they won't be doing this due to a security issue with Quicken.

I also cannot download the transactions using a file (.qfx) or (.csv).

Is anything being worked on to get this fixed? I have no choice but to use Roundpoint Morgage services, since the last morgage company sold them my loan.

Now I have to track it manually and I don't have time to do that.


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    The FIDIR List file (the file that tells Quicken which financial institutions, which types of accounts and which types of connection methods are supported) shows that Roundpoint does support the Express Web Connect connection method. You are not able to connect your mortgate account with them?

    FYI: Connected loans do not have a register. The lender will download account balance updates, not individual transactions. If you want to have a register that shows the individual transactions with breakouts between principal, interest, taxes, etc., you will need to manage it manually.

    It's not as bad as it sounds. When going through the process of setting up the manual loan the loan setup tool will walk you through the process of entering the mortgage data and will then set up a Loan Reminder. The Loan Reminder will calculate the amortization amounts for each payment and the reminder can be set up to be automatically entered into the payment account so there is little that needs to be done to manage it. Once in while you will want to perform a review/reconciliation of the mortgage account to ensure that it is aligned with what the lender shows. Most (if not all) SuperUsers will recommend manual loans over connected loans if for no other reason that the loan will have a register so transactions can be viewed and edited and the payment in the checking account can be linked via transfer transaction directly to the loan account. But it is a personal choice as to which method to use.

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