Seeking a Quicken trainer in Naples Florida...any suggestions?

I'm a long time Quicken user but have a couple questions I would like to go over "hands on" with a Quicken expert either here at my home or preferably at a neutral site. Is there a community here that can help me find someone? I'm happy to drive to them or neutral site. I do not wish to allow someone to log into my computer online from afar.



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    If you have questions you can ask without revealing personal information, there is a good chance you can get answers on this forum.

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    Thanks Jim for the reply. I'd really like to do something virtually so I can be walked through some actions. In short…I'm open to sharing my screen. Any suggestions for online virtual help for me on Quicken?

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    You can watch some videos here

    to start with.

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    I would be leery of doing any screen sharing as you have no way to know what the party on the other end of the screen share is recording. If you share carefully redacted pictures here, you control what info is getting shared.

    I would take Jim's advise and pose your questions here.

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