Duplicate Reminder Displayed in Budget

jdbodine Member ✭✭
Ever since the 46.9 release, any time I have a Reminder that is anything other than monthly, it doubles in the Planning tab. For example, if I create a reminder for $30 for an Auto Payment, in the Budget it will show I have $60 in transactions.

I searched through the forum and only found one post and the resolution was to contact customer support. I've chatted with them twice, first time no luck. Second time we spend about an hour troubleshooting and narrowed it down to the monthly/not monthly reminders being the culprit. Tried the latest patch, that did not work. Tried creating completely new quicken files, did not work.

I am at a loss. Anyone having this same issue or know how to fix it. I live by my Planning tab, so the fact that it is not displaying correctly makes it difficult to work with my finances.


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