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I have Quicken Deluxe and would like my stock prices to update automatically each day. I am sure that in the past this was done by Quicken Deluxe as it is the only program I have had. How do I get this program to do this? Thank you


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    Do you run One Step Update once every day? Do you run this process late in the afternoon, about 1 hour after the stock markets close?
    In that case you can add Quotes updates to your One Step Update Settings and everything will be downloaded as you run OSU.

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    The previous day's closing quotes will aslo download correctly if you run the update in the AM before the market opens. If you update quotes while the market is open, you will get the current delayed prices for stocks and ETFs.

    You don't have to do the OSU every day, prices for the past several days are downloaded each time you update quotes. If you have missed some days, you can update the historic prices at least every 30 days to get all the daily closing prices.

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    You can also have the One Step Update (download transactions) run automatically when you start the program that will pickup prices as noted by others above. Edit /Preferences- Startup.

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