Syncing between desktop and laptop computer

I have a desktop (windows 10) and laptop (windows 11) . How can I sync quicken between the 2 of them? Can I use dropbox or onedrive? I was reading and it sound like one way is to :copy my latest file on my desktop to a flashdrive, then update laptop, then do quicken work on my laptop, then copy and download to my flashdrive, then insert flashdrive in my desktop and update quicken in my desktop, and then repeat the whole cycle over, when I decide to use quicken on my laptop in a coffee shop. It sounds complicated. What happens if I forget to manually sync the 2 ? Is there an easier way? Thanks for the help and suggrstions.


  • splasher
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    No, you have the BEST way of dealing with it.

    What happens if I forget to manually sync the 2 ?

    You lose some of your hard work. There is NO sync method built into Quicken that will merge the differences of the two files into one of them, so you lose the new work in one of them.

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    I keep my Quicken file on OneDrive (previously Dropbox) and I have never had any issues over the multiple years of doing this. You just need to make sure you pause syncing while in Quicken.

    Yes, I know it is recommended to do this by Quicken but there are several users on the forumns that also do this.