Incorrect Stock Prices in Wealthfront account

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For the past couple of weeks any time I update the stock prices of my Wealthfront account are significantly wrong. For example, VOO has a price listed of $12,002.94 when in reality it is 366.65. The same ridiculously high prices are present for every equity in this account.

I have tried removing all of these stocks from Quicken and re-updating but the same thing happens. The couple that are correct are ones where I updated the price manually.


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    if you click on one equity - Security Details - and look at … More —> Price History … how do things look there ?

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    I just downloaded VOO and got the correct price. All the prices come from the same aggregator, regardless of your financial institution.

    two suggestions

    1. look in the price history - is it just the one day or multiple days? is there any price with a future date?
    2. repair and validate the file.

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    Generally, there are two sources for such OSU downloaded prices - Quicken's service which uses ticker symbol only, and your brokerage which is dependent on how your Quicken securities are matched to your brokerage securities. @Mark1104 's post indicates the Quicken VOO price is correct.

    That suggests the prices download from your brokerage are the bad set. That is likely due to a mismatch of securities. To address that, edit the security detail for each security getting a bad price an uncheck the Matched with online box. The next download will give you the chance to correct the matching.

    It is possible but unlikely that you have the right matching and the brokerage is sending the wrong data in the price field.

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    I just ran into this as well. It turns out that quicken is taking the cost basis as the share price for some reason. I deleted the latest entry from price history on each one to fix it up (since it's a weekend it seems to be fine…).

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    It did not stay corrected, and now has the incorrect values again. 😐️

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    Quicken has several sources for security prices, including their 3rd party quote provider and the Financial Institution (FI) where you hold the securities.

    If the entry in the Price History includes High, low, and volume, that indicates that the price probably came from the quote provider.

    Another thing you can do is click on Update Prices not downloading transactions from the FI. If the problem persists, that would indicate that it originated from the FI.

    Those steps may help locate the source of the bad data.

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