Feedback on new R48.8 "Income by Security" report

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I love the new "Income by Security" report released in Win 48.8!

One issue… not sure if this was by design or its a bug. If you have a security in your account, but it has no income, it does not appear on the report. If you, for example, have the report show just DIVIDENDS then any security with no dividends for the selected time period disappears from the report. That caauses your total MKT VALUE and INCOME % of Market Value to be inaccurate. Seems like it would be better to include everything currently in your holdings to appear on the report and then just show zero for the income amounts as applicable.

Also, it would be nice to have the SUBTOTAL options to have choices of time (MO/YR/QTR.) It would also be helpful to have a TOTALS ONLY option like many other reports have.

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  • Kay Voorhees
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    I too love the new report. One additional issue, however, is that it appears to ignore any security that has “reinvested” income.

  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    It would be nice if the report were sortable.

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  • gwwilliams3
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    The new Income by Security report is very good, but I am not clear on what the "Other Income" column would actually capture (if it is selected/included in the report) -i.e. where does that column actually pull data from? What I would like it to capture is all of the Capital Gains Distributions (Long, Mid and Short Term) so the report overall would capture "Total Distributions" (i.e. Interest + Dividends + Capital Gains Distributions). Is there some way to make this happen (perhaps by defining the Capital Gains Distributions categories as sub-categories of Other Income in the Category list)? Please advise.
  • MFK
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    Great report but it is lacking one thing for me, I would like to see the dividend yield. I know it is available as I use it on the Investing tab. Thanks for considering this.

  • leishirsute
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    I got a valuable income report suggestion from another post on here.

    Got to portfolio view, look at any report grouped by security that provides Income and Income % columns and change Options→ Portfolio preferences for a date range of interest.

    This gives me the info I need to determine Income by Security. It includes capital gains distributions and reinvestments. It's somewhat surprising to see the assets that generate more income from capital gains distributions than those that offer dividends.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    The "Income as %" column in this report is potentially very useful, but the numbers it presents can be misleading.

    • The results are not annualized, so if the period is less than one year (YTD for example), the reported percentage may be lower than expected and if it is more than one year, it may be higher.
    • The results are based on the holdings at the end of the period, so if you have sold part of a holding near the end of the period, the results may be higher than expected, or if you have increased your holding, the percentage may be lower than expected.

    It is not clear how the calculation could be changed to be more useful, especially for periods of less than one year. For longer periods, an IRR calculation might work.

    Also as requested in the original Idea, I think the totals would be more meaningful if there was an option to include all selected securities in the selected accounts, even those where the total income is zero.

    It would also be useful to be able to include banking accounts where the Account Intent has been set to Investing, for example for those who have bank CDs that they consider part of their investments. This issue with account intent affects other reports in odd ways as well. [Update: I see these accounts are included in the report, but you must check the Other Income box to see the interest. Also if you subtotal by account, the account name is blank in the graph legend and the account does not get its own section in the report. In the report, the account's income (marked -Cash-) is lumped in with another account.]

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  • leishirsute
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    @Jim_Harman I usually set the Portfolio preferences options for several years and take an average when using income%

    I've found using Income % to be more useful than IRR when trying to anaylze income regardless of return. IRR can be a negative value, income%'s lowest value is 0%

    I agree that one has to be mindful of securities that are short term or whose purchase and sale are not at a year-end. However, it is easy to set year boundaries in the portfolio view for securities that are long term.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    IRR will go negative because normally it includes unrealized gains and losses.

    I have not studied Income % in the Portfolio views. It appears that it is based on your cost basis for the security and the total income from the portfolio "calculations from" date to the "as of" date. If the security was purchased long ago at a much lower price, the percentage may not be very meaningful.

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  • leishirsute
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    @Jim_Harman If the security was purchased as a much lower price, it still gives the income% off the cost basis regardless of time purchased. I just change the Options → Portfolio preferences and change the "Show return calculations from" date for 1 year (or 2 years, etc. ) for a beginning range to get an idea of the income from my cost basis over a year (2 years, etc.). The As Of date can be changed of an ending range of data. Combining changes in the two fields, the period of Income % info displayed can be tailored.

    I find it to be more accurate than IRR. Also, it's a good measure against Dividend Yield. They usually match or are close for dividend income investments for a 1 year period.

    Since the income% is measured off of cost basis, the market value can flutuate and that won't impact the income% reported.

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  • Frank2021
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    Income by Security Report needs to show return of capital. Distributions for MLPs show as return of capital.

  • bmbass
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    The report definitely needs to be updated to include capital gains distributed by the security. MANY securities include both dividends and capital gains monthly/quarterly and part of the yearly income from this security are these capital gains. Either give it is own column or include it in the "other income" column (which currently is 0 for all my securities), but it needs to be included somewhere.