Transactions not showing in reports.

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I have noticed a few transactions from last year that aren't showing in reports. I am using these reports for my taxes, so it is critical for them to be accurate. I would have to go through every transaction to see if they are all showing, which would be incredibly hard, if practically at all possible. How can I fix this problem.


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    Exactly which report are you using? If you are using Category Summary or Payee Summary, stop using those reports. They are old format reports that are being depricated and known to have errors. Instead use the Transactions by Payee/Category reports.

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  • I am using transaction by Category reports. as RickO suggested, and still a problem. I appear to only have 5 entries that are a problem. Apparently it is an issue that a few others have. One suggestion is to make a backup copy and resetting the database. That didn't work for me. Another suggestion is deleting and manually reentering the problematic entries, which did work for me. The problem is finding the ones that are problems, as you have to compare all your entries with all your reports. It has also been suggested, for the active file (not backups) be located on the computer, not on the iCloud drive, as there could be a syncronization issue between your computer, the quicken server and the iCloud server, or something like that. Any other advice would be welcome.

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    I'm wondering if the missing transactions have a transfer and a category? If so, that's a no-no, and will be prone to errors.

    And yes, your live data file really must be on your local hard drive, not on iCloud (or Dropbox or any cloud storage service), or you will likely encounter any number of odd problems.

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    @jacobs This isn't making any sense. I struggle with this as well. For example, mortgages are part principle and part interest. Both lines have categories: Mortgages and Rent for principle and Mortgage Interest for interest. Obviously the principle is a transfer to the loan account. No matter how I configure my report, I can only get one or the other because of the inane way transfers are handled. You get all or nothing. So…if I want a report to show my entire housing expenses (I'm considering relocating), I can't get the report to show BOTH parts of the transaction. This makes absolutely no sense.

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    To work correctly throughout Quicken, any transaction or split line which is a Transfer should not also have a category. Quicken should be preventing users from doing this, and management has said that is their intent, because it violates fundamental rules of accounting, but if you enter the trandsaction in a particular order, Quicken allows you to enter a Transfer account and then also enter a Category. You shouldn't. It will mess you up — as you have found. ;)

    For a mortage payment, the interest split line should use a Category like Mortgage Interest and the principal payment split line should be a Transfer to the loan account. The latter is not an expense; it's a transfer from an asset (your checking account) to a liability (your loan account). From a cash flow standpoint, it feels like it's an expense, but from an accounting/bookkeeping standpoint, it isn't.

    The solution Quicken offers is allowing you to selectively include transfers in income/expense reports. It's a little tricky, but it makes sense once you see it in action. In your report settings, you want to click on the Advanced tab and select the option to "Include only transfers with accounts outside of report". Now, click on the Accounts tab, and de-select your loan account. In other words, now the loan account is not included in the report, and the advanced setting says to include transfers with accounts not included in the report. So you will now see a Transfers section of the report under Expenses, with a "TO [loan account name]" line and the transfer transaction, like this:

    This isn't quite as neat as showing up alphbetically in your expenses as "Mortgage" or "Loan" expense, but since it's not really an expense, this is a way to include it in your report. And it will add the loan payment to your other expenses in the grant total at the bottom of the report, as you'd expect.

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