All brokerage accounts double as Cash and Security are same

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Each Brokerage account has a balance is double what it should be due to the addition of a non-existent cash balance for the same amount as my investments.

This occurred after the installation of R47.15 Build

It creates a XLN or Xout in each case causing the error.

When reloading the account from scratch, it no longer asks for cash balance, which fixed the issue in prior releases.


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    I spent over an hour with Pershing IT, and then again with Fidelity last week.
    Both developers indicated that they have been working with Quicken Development and that it is NOT in their files they transmit.
    I called support which indicated it would be escalated, but quite frankly a faster resolution is needed than waiting for the next release cycle.
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    Are these accounts set to Simple investing mode, where the account display is a dashboard with 4 large squares rather than a list of transactions?

    There has been a similar problem for some time with Fidelity NetBenefits 401(k) accounts in Simple mode.

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    Not Simple
    Full detail
    Shows beginning balance 0
    Next entry is cash in
    Next entry is xln or xout depending on which brokerage firm
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    So these are new accounts? You are looking at the account's Transaction list (register) and not the Investing Transactions report, right?

    Plese let us know what the actual Actions of the transactions were:

    Deposit for the Cash in?

    XIn for the same amount of cash?

    XOut does not make any sense.

    Were there also Added transactions that transferred in the securities?

    Assuming this is a new account in Quicken, what did you do when you set up the account? Did you for example specify the securities that were in the account? It is possible that transactions were downloaded that duplicate what was already in the account.

    A screen shot that shows the transactions, with amounts hidden, would be a big help.

    Another possibility is that there are hidden Placholders which are confusing things. Please go to Edit > Preferences > Investments and make sure the Show hidden transactions box is checked. This will reveal any Placeholders.


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    Quicken has now confirmed it is a known problem, and advised me to wait for next software update.

    However, To answer your question, the are accounts from multiple financial institutions. Pershing, Fidelity, Etrade all effected.
    The accounts have been here for various periods of time.

    In each case Quicken Support had me create a new file, setup the account and download,
    Each time the amounts were wrong.
    Attaching two screenshots, and there are no stock placeholders.
    When working with perishing, if the screen asks for cash balance before the download and the cash is entered, then the account is correct. However, between two weeks ago and today, the downloads no longer ask for beginning cash balance when adding accounts, so that work around no longer works.

    If you look at this specific example, the securities all show negative and the cash balance also negative.
    This is a test file, downloading the account.
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    Not quite the same issue, but Quicken did post a notice on Fidelity this morning.
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