Chase Accounts Not working

[Removed - Profanity] is going with Chase accounts (again). Download says my account has been deleted by Chase which isn't the case as I can log on Chase account. Tired of all of the download issues. With the price we pay annually everything should work!!


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    Hello @tom.strader,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community, though I do apologize that you are experiencing this issue.

    If you don’t mind, could you please provide a screenshot of the error message you described receiving? If needed, please refer to this Community FAQ for instructions on how to attach a screenshot. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop screenshots to your response if you are not given the option to add attachments. 

    I look forward to your response.

    -Quicken Jasmine
  • KEM528
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    My 3 Chase (First USA) credit card accounts haven't downloaded in a couple of weeks despite transactions across the accounts. After running the updates, it says under the account register header, “Last Download March 12, 2023 - 1:21 p.m. (Express Web Connect +)” but there are no downloaded transactions (and no, they are not pending on the bank site). It seems to connect and “download” but not grab any transactions. AMEX and Capital One working fine. The manual QFX download from the Chase credit card site works.

  • My accounts are a mess, not downloading correctly and causing all kinds of problems. What is happening at Quicken!! This applies to Chase & USAA accounts.

  • rpgarrett75703
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    CC-800 just happened again. Had to go through the deactivate/reactivate all of my Chase accounts to fix it. Quicken needs to fix this ASAP. Too many people are experiencing the same problem for it to be just "MY" problem.

    Clicking the "Fix It" button doesn't really fix anything that's why I had to go through the deactivate/reactivate process for all of my Chase accounts to fix it. Discover (EWC) and Citi (Direct Connect) work just fine. Today, prior to the CC-800 message the Chase accounts weren't updating. The deactivate/reactivate process fixes the problem temporarily but it usually reappears in a few days.

  • rcsfca
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    Another Chase VISA download failure for the record to be investigated by Quicken:

    All activity between Feb 2 2023 through Mar 9 2023 was not downloaded when doing so using One Step Update . Of interest, all the transactions BEFORE and AFTER those dates was captured and downloaded correctly by One Step Updatee.

    I noticed the data gap and logged into my Chase account to check the Chase website for problems like a corporate hack, etc.

    All my account information and activity was there. Of note, the missed data set did NOT correspond to my monthly Chase Statement Date, which is the 18th of each month.

  • Skip2
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    I've been having the samew issues with Chazse accounts.

    Todays message is different from the last several consequitive days (been happening maybe a week).

  • soil007
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    I am having the same problem as rpgarrett75703, I get a CC-800 message on my Chase Accounts, tried the fix seems to make the problem worse, tried doing 1 account at a time, now accounts do not match , tells me not to add to Quicken instead of link to account, its even trying to match my accounts with accounts I dont use anymore !! very strange, I have been using Quicken for many years never seen this many problems !

  • sdl722
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    Had a similar issue where some of my Chase credit accounts were not updating. Tried to reset the accounts and not all of them will show up as an option to connect to Quicken (2 of the 5 cards are missing). So I have 2 Chase cards that I can't connect back to Quicken and can't download transactions.
  • rpgarrett75703
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    Quicken is not downloading any Chase transactions today. There are no error messages and OSU looks like it completes successfully. When I go to the Chase website I can see there are cleared transactions that should have been downloaded. When I go to the Account List in Quicken and check my 4 Chase accounts the "Last Download" date for each account is yesterday March 13, 2023. All of my other non-Chase accounts update successfully including Discover that uses EWC (not EWC+ like Chase). Quicken and/or Chase needs to fix this problem ASAP. This is going on for several weeks now. Instead I had to manually download the transactions from the Chase website. If OSU no longer works for Chase it makes me wonder why I should continue to use Quicken. Quicken is suppose to be able to increase productivity not decrease it.

  • MWETulsa
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    Having similar problem. I have 3 chase accounts that have been working fine for years. Recently, one of the three stopped downloading. Checking Account Details shows it is not setup even though I have had this account for many years and it has worked fine without problems. When I do "Set up Now", it goes through its thing with Chase, all three accounts show up in Quicken but all say not to add to Quicken and in the case of the errant account, it shows a nickname for Fidelity which has nothing to do with Chase. I tried removing connectivity to all three accounts on the Chase website. Same problem. Not sure how to proceed.

    Upd: Looked up old hidden Fidelity account in Account List. This account has not been used since 2002. It and it's related cash account are showing Chase as the Financial Institution and the cash account says last download was today even though the account has been inactive for two decades and hidden within Quicken. Editing the accounts things look odd. No account number in Fidelity account for example.
  • Tonkaman
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    Same issue here. None of my Chase accounts have downloaded since March 2nd. One Step Update shows successful download, no errors. But each account shows Last Download date of March 2nd.

  • taylor924
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    I have two Chase credit card accounts that are not downloading. One account is not listed when I use the link to log into Chase to authorize Quicken access. The other account is listed for Quicken access, but when I try to download, it is not there.


  • Butch Staley
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    having a similar issue. 3 chase accounts working for years just fine, now 1 of the 3 is 'deleted' and I cannot connect it back into Quicken. I go through the authorization process on the Chase site, and it lists all 3 accounts just fine as it should, and then when I get back to the Quicken side it only shows the 2 working accounts and the 3rd is not listed at all so I cannot reconnect it by any means.
  • DecOFlaherty
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    I am having the exsact same issue with Chase. No error messages, It said its updated.. but it clearly hasn't.

  • MWETulsa
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    HELLO. QUICKEN. ANYONE HERE. HELLO? How many weeks are going to go by before we get a response from someone. There is obviously a problem here. I have tried a million things and nothing has worked. We need a response!!!!!
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    OK, guys. Here's the scoop in case it is of use to anyone. I think I got my situation fixed by just messing around until something finally worked. In my case, I had a hint. It kept saying the Chase account nickname was "Fidelity Cash" which is the name of a totally different, unaffiliated account that has been dormant for decades. I tried changing every field I could in the Account Details in both Fidelity and Chase accounts to no avail. Finally, I went to the old Fidelity investment account which had a separate cash account, Fidelity Cash. I told it to not have a separate cash account thereby getting rid of Fidelity Cash which got merged back into the investment account (I did not care since the account was closed long ago). Then I went back through the Chase online setup, and this time it worked showing me the "linked account" field for the first time since the problem began. Somehow, the Fidelity and Chase accounts had become cross linked. Hope this helps someone else since Quicken seems to be pocketing our annual subscriptions without providing online support these days. Support was better back when we were not paying for it. Geesh guys, get a clue.