How do you bulk edit dates for transactions in quicken for macos

You can do this for windows quicken even up to latest …. I use this all the time to group transactions together that are related to each other. I like many of the features of the macos version but missing this one.

Is there a way to do this in the current macos quicken version? If not are there plans to put this in the macos version as well.

Some people may want to do the keystrokes …. but when you are dealing with as many as 10-20 transactions at a time, it is annoying and slow.

Furthermore, I have used this feature when editing a group of reoccuring payments and have the ability in windows to change 1 date at a time very easily this way on the group … such as changing the date a transaction is pulled every month …

So where did this feature go for macos version?


  • Jon
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    edited March 12

    I don't think you can. You can select multiple transactions, then right click & select Edit Transaction to do a bulk edit, but the date isn't one of the fields you can modify. You're limited to changing Payee, Category, Tags, Transfer, and Memo/Notes.

    If you want to change the day of the month that a reoccurring transaction occurs, you'd edit the scheduled transaction on the Bills & Income tab.

    You can add your vote to this suggestion that they add the Date field to the Edit Transaction window:

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  • BobWilliamson
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    well intuit or quicken needs to Add that to the macOS product.

  • Jon
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    Intuit hasn't owned Quicken for several years now. And adding your vote as I suggested is the best way to let Quicken know you want this feature added.

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