Software glitches in recent updates for recalculating manual entries

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I have many investments and have been using this program for many years. This is not a problem with placeholders. Often not all the entries download from the investment broker house. I then add the missing entries. Quicken used to accept the entries and the running total in the register is accuracte. However, recently it seems that the first entry in a group of entries that I do manually is accepted and looks OK, but it seems to reverse the entry so that the running register total is out of wack. I have to go back and reopen that entry and resave it. Usually that will fix it, but sometime there are multipe errors among multiple entries.
I hope that there is patch for this as it takes me a lot of time to straighten out these inconsistencies. Is there a fix for this?


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    When you say “the running register total", is that the Cash Bal column in the account's Transaction List (register)? And when the totlal is “out of wack”, does the cash balance not change when you enter a transaction like Bought, Sold, or Div that should change it? And is a Cash Balance Adustment automatically entered for each of these transactons, preventing the cash balance from changing?

    If so, that certainly sounds like you have a Placeholder for that security at a later date than the date of the transaction you are entering. Please check the setting at Edit > Preferences > Investments to make sure the “Show hidden transactions” box is checked, and make sure there are no Placeholders.

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