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I just installed Quicken on Windows 11. After I double click the icon there is only a File and Help menu and no login screen or option. I have no problem setup my accounts in web and mobil version of quicken. How do I resolve this?


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    This is the screen I see.

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    What version of Quicken? Help —> About Quicken

    Opps! I missed the part about starting on the Web.

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    You have stumbled into a mess that Quicken has created with no cure. The way it is supposed to work is that you start using Quicken desktop first and then sync and use that information with QMobile/Q-Web .

    For some unexplainable reason, they allow users to set up accounts starting with QMobile/Q-Web without using Quicken desktop with no way to connect to those accounts afterwards with Quicken desktop.

    Unless they have recently come up with a way to get around this total process failure, you will need to start over setting everything up in Quicken desktop and losing anything you have already done in QMobile/Q-Web.

    You can check with Quicken Support at https://www.quicken.com/support#contact-support to see if they have a way out of this situation, but I am not aware of one.

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