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I am running Quicken Windows version. I have my Morgan Stanley set up for automatic downloads of transactions . Most recently two dividends did not appear, I tried multiple times updating the transactions .
When you go into your Morgan Stanley account , activity and try to download the individual transactions , the only option is to Excel . In comparison Etrade you do have the ability to download transactions into Quicken .
In lieu of "manually entering " each transaction does anyone know of a way to have them downloaded into Quicken ?


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    E*Trade Advisors (I'm assuming this is the E*Trade you are referring to) supports the Web Connect (WC) connection method. WC is where they offer manual transaction downloads in QFX (or "Quicken" or "Web Connect") format which can then be manually imported into the account in Quicken.

    Morgan Stanley does not support WC. You could request them to add WC support and maybe if they get enough customer requests they will be able to justify a business case to add WC support. Until they add support for WC there is no way to manually download those missing transactions in a Quicken-compatible format.

    There are workarounds to get missing transactions downloaded into Quicken but they are rather involved processes requiring setting up a new data file with a new account for downloading, deletion of transactions, exporting and importing the remaining data. It is a fairly involved and time consuming process. If there are only 2 transactions missing, your best and fastest resolution is to simply manually add them to the account register.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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