Why don't sub-categories roll-up properly?

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This is a current budget report. The roll-up for Tax incorrectly sums to 18,618.28; it should only show 1683.72. Yes, I've chose to exclude some sub-categories from the report but for some reason they still appear in the roll-up. Chosing to exclude the categories from the report should exclude them from the roll-up otherwise the report is inaccurate and misleading and could lead to bad decisions. How do I fix this?


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    No body has an explanation for this obvious report issue? The numbers in a report should add up, otherwise the report is useless and misleading. At the very least, but not entirely useful, there should be a line on the report to identify the missing $16,934.46 (the difference between the 18,618 and 1683.72) so that the numbers on the report add up. 🤑

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    Perhaps no one has responded because no one else is experiencing this issue.

    How are you accessing this report - via Reports > Spending > Current Budget or through some other path?

    In your report, what is the setting on the Advanced tab next to Categories? This can affect the results. Have you changed any of the other default settings?

    If this is a report you have saved using an earlier version of Quicken, please try starting with the built-in report above and see if you still see the issue.

    Have you tried validating your data file by going to File > Validate and repair file and choosing the Validate option? Back up your data before trying this just in case.

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