How can I handle RMD withdrawals

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I've been wrestling with this for years. I get an RMD withdrawal with Fed. and State withholding. The net amount (full amount minus withholding) is deposited in a savings account.

I need to reduce the value of the investment account by the amount of the full RMD. But if I record the savings account deposit as a transfer from the investment account, the investment account value is wrong because I haven't removed the withholding, and the share balances aren't changed (though I can set those manually). I can get the withholding amount from the investment company, but have never figured out a decent way enter it in the investment account.

I don't need any accounting -- I get the taxable amount and the withholding values from the 1099-R. I just want a way to have accurate values for my holdings in the Quicken investment account.


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