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Update really messed up my accounts. We have several accounts at Charles Schwab. I upgraded to the subscription version because Quicken represented that transactions and positions could be automatically downloaded, thus relieving me of the tedium of manual entry. However, update totally garbled my accounts. Put positions in different accounts and did not get transactions. Has this been fixed? Will update work with multiple Schwab accounts?


  • Tom Young
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    "Will update work with multiple Schwab accounts?"

    From my perspective the answer is "maybe."

    Immediately after Schwab dropped the use of Direct Connect in favor of EWC+ (to their bottom-line benefit) I went through about 3 - 4 months where downloads to my 8 Schwab Accounts worked just fine. Then I went through about 8 - 9 months where downloads were occurring but for whatever reason there would be some missing transactions "scattered throughout the 8 Accounts. Then I went through about 2 months where everything worked just fine, and now for a couple of months 2 of my 8 Schwab Account are not receiving transactions.

    There's always a small number of posts each month associated with problems with Schwab downloads, and certainly I've read posts where people have thrown up their hands and just gone to manually entering transactions.

    To a certain extent the problems you've articulated here certainly could be associated with user error. You might want to start over making absolutely sure you've LINKED each account at Schwab with the proper Quicken Schwab Account. And you absolutely, positively don't want Investment Accounts set up to "automatically" enter transactions directly in the transaction list, particularly in that first download after setting up the connection as that download almost certainly is going to have duplicates of existing transactions. Having gotten that initial download out of the way and properly handled, I'd suggest doing One Step Updates every single day and monitoring the situation to see if it's working for you.

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