Ability to Select Date Range for Credit Card Transaction Downloads

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Just want to let you know how much I hate, Hate, HATE the change of having to download Discover credit card transactions via Quicken which does not have the ability to select a specific date range as opposed to previously downloading directly on Discover account page. This has made the reconciliation process an absolute pain taking 20 minutes compared to previous 2 minutes! I've used Quicken since the mid-1990's and this is the worst change I can recall.

Please either revert back to allowing direct download from Discover account page or add the ability to specify a date range when downloading via Quicken. Thanks.


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    Are you referring to Discover's decision to drop Direct Connect and Web Connect download methods, it is not in Quicken, Inc's purvue to revert to those methods, Discover made that decision.

    If in particular that you are referring to Web Connect .QFX downloads, do what I am doing, I download the .CSV file and use ImportQIF (free from QuicknPerlWiz) to convert it to a .QIF file which ImportQif then triggers an import into Quicken.

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