You have online payments to send..but there are none

When I go to exit Q get the You have online payments to send dialogue box; but there are no payments to send. I also have the little mailbox with the blue circle next to account which says I have 1 online bill payment to send; but again there is none.

I have updated the account multiple times and this reminder does not clear.

Today I had to pay some new bills, so I actually paid 3 new payments, thinking/hoping that paying them would clear this flag; still no luck.

I have done a validate on the file and nothing found.

Searching the community saw another person with same issue get a response to restore from a backup to before when this started. I don't know exactly when this started so I can't exactly know which backup to restore, not to mention that this started since I got back from vacation and entered all my receipts for the trip, which took a couple hours, so do not want to enter all that again.

If I go to Online Center for that account under Payments tab it shows NO payments to send, only several already sent and scheduled for delivery.

This appears to be a somewhat common problem, but I can't seem to find the solution on the board.

Please help.