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A recent upgrade seems to have added a size limit for the "Investment Asset Allocation" Report. I'm running R48.9, Windows 11 Home.
When I try to run the report I now get the error, "Quicken cannot process the selected date range. Please try a shorter date range." This report, of course, is a snapshot in time and does not have a date range. So the error message makes no sense. The error occurs for any date I try. I am able to generate a partial report if I remove several of the accounts on the list.
I've tried different combinations of accounts to discount the possibility that one account contains an error which causes the problem. Every one of my accounts can be included in a successful report, just not all at once.
So it appears to be just a size issue. The number of securities is limited, it would seem.
Any help would be appreciated.


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    I have the same problem.

  • Jim_Harman
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    If you select all your accounts but a subset of your securities will the report run?

    If you hold down the Shift key while selecting Help > About Quicken, how many securities does it say you have? The published maximum is 2,000 but apparently this is a soft limit.

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    Thanks @Jim_Harman . I was surprised to see the Asset Allocation report run after restarting Quicken to check the points you raised. It failed earlier today and has failed repeatedly in the past with the error "Quicken cannot process the selected date range. Please try a shorter date range". I'm not aware of any entries or other changes I made that would cause the report to function - other than restarting Quicken (Windows Premier R48).

    I do have a large Quicken file but it doesn't come close to any of the published limits.

    Size of QDF file: 329594K
    Accounts: 47
    Categories: 423
    Memorized Payees: 52
    Securities/Max ref: 318/318
    Transactions: 74874

    Available Memory: 53415 MB
    Total Memory: 65373 MB

    I'll repost here if and when the issue recurs.

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