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I use to use register reports to catogerize and tag large quanties of downloaded transactions from the bank. It was easy! I would do this by "accepting all" of my ransactions, then using a register report, sort by description (or how ever you want to sort things)selecting the items by clicking on 1 line hold down the shift and click on your next line and it would select all in between. Much like Excel or other spreadsheets. Then you could right click your mouse and there are a bunch of tools to select from. Retag, Recatergorize, etc. That feature is no longer working in my version Quicken home and business R48.15. Has anyone else experienced this? I would really appreciate it back. Very handy tool.


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    Have you considered using Renaming Rules and Memorized Payees to automatically categorize your downloaded transactions?

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    Also for scheduled transactions like monthly bills and income, you can use Reminders to automatically set the Categories and enter transactions in advance. When the actual transactions download, Quicken will usually match them to transactions that are already in your regiater, using the date and amount, or you can match them manually if necessary.

    Reminders also allow Quicken to project your balances and populate the Tax Planner, which I find very useful.

    I find it much more reliable to review and correct the downloaded transactions one at a time rather then accepting them all and then trying to fix things up.

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