Are there problems with Quicken Reports


I am searching for some old expenses. When I run an old tax report and use the correct date range, they do not show up. But when I search under the Payee name, they do. In both cases the Quicken Category is identical. But the items do not show up in the old report.


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    Hi @PeterCampy,

    This is likely being caused because for a "saved report" (i.e. your "old tax report") the date settings actually are not "the correct date range". When the saved report has a Custom Date Range, you need to reset both the beginning date and the end date to have it pickup . To fix it, simply reset the beginning and ending dates.


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  • PeterCampy
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    Yes, of course I changed the year in both the beginning and ending date range. I think the latest update is buggy.

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    Sometimes old saved reports get corrupted or somehow damaged over time. Or maybe newer releases don't read old report data correctly. We don't know the cause.

    The solution is generally to re-create the report from scratch, starting with a native built-in Quicken report and customizing it to your needs. Then save it again once it looks right.

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