Has anyone experienced the following issues and, if so, does anyone have a solution to the following

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I am using Quicken 2017 Deluxe on Windows 10. When I go to exit Quicken, more time than not, the software screen turns blue and hangs there.

At this point, to close Quicken, I hit the ctrl/alt delete keys to enter Task Manager. Task Manager shows the status of Quicken as “Not responding”. I then highlight the Quicken line and click on “End task” to close Quicken.


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    Are you able to access and manually use your data file?

    Also, have you done any of the following things? NOTE: I do not recommend that you do them because if you do it could cause Quicken 2017 to no longer respond at all…ever.

    • Have you done anything like reinstall or newly install the software?
    • Or have you tried signing out of and signing into Quicken?
    • Or have you tried to Reset your Quicken ID Cloud Account or to Delete it?
    • Have you done anything with your Quicken 2017 that might cause it to access the Internet?

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    It sounds like a backup issue. Is the folder where your Quicken data file is stored a One Drive or other automatic backup folder? If so, move the file to a non auto backup folder instead.

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