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My husband recently passed away and I have a new login and password for the account. Quicken will let me change the password but not the user name. Any ideas?


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    Please accept my most sincere condolences on the loss of your husband.

    In order to change the username you will need to first deactivate the account in Quicken and then reactivate it with your new login information. I suggest you do the following:

    1 - Account Register > Opening Balance transaction > enter the $ amount of the transaction into the Memo field > save the transaction.

    2 - Back up your data file: File > Copy or Backup File > Create a complete backup > Next > check the boxes for "Add date to backup file name" and for "Also add time to name" (not necessary but it can make it easier to find and restore later if needed) > Save Backup.

    3 - Account Register > upper right Gear icon > Edit Account Details > Online Services tab > Deactivate. If the account number is different proceed to step 4. Otherwise proceed to step 5.

    4 - If your account number is the different: Account Details > General tab > remove all Financial Institution Information (everything above the Contact Name field). Proceed to step 5.

    5 - Account Details > Online Services tab > Set Up Now > type in Edward Jones > Advanced Options > select Direct Connect > Next > follow the prompts using your new login information (check the box for adding the PW to the PW Vault if that is your preference…it will save you the effort of needing to manually enter the PW every time you do One Step Update in the future) > if given the opportunity, be sure to LINK the download to the current account in Quicken.

    6 - If there are any new transactions downloaded, review and if appropriate accept them. (If any appear to be duplicates of what was previously entered, make note of the details and delete them.)

    7 - Check the holdings and cash balance to see if they match what is shown online. A fast way to do this:

    • Account Register > upper right Gear icon > Reconcile Shares: You will get a popup telling you if the holdings in Quicken and as reported by Edward Jones are in agreement or you will get a popup identifying where there are inconsistencies. Make note of the details of any identified inconsistencies.
    • Cash Balance (below the Account Register on the right): Click on the blue font dollar amount. You will get a popup telling you what the Account Register Cash Balance is and what Edward Jones reported the Cash Balance to be. If they are not the same, make note of the details.

    Assuming the Holdings and Cash Balance are in sync with what what Edward Jones is reporting, then you are done.

    If there are any Holdings and/or Cash Balance issues encountered, let me know and I can try to help you troubleshoot and resolve them.

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