Find/Replace not working for investments transactions in R48.15

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In R48.15, Global search can locate investment transactions.

FIND can locate the same investment transactions.

FIND/REPLACE cannot locate the same investment transactions.

In fact, it appears that FIND/REPLACE is not locating investment transaction that are not cash transactions.

Please fix the FIND/REPLACE in Quicken to work with investment transactions.

R48.15 search problems:

Global search (appears to work):

FIND (appears to work):

FIND result:

FIND/REPLACE (does not work):

Please fix.

Deluxe R55.26., Windows 10 Pro


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    I don't think find and replace has ever worked for investment accounts. And in my opinion for good reasons. Just looking at your example you are trying to change a security name, that has a lot more ramifications than just changing say the payee name of a transaction. And imagine changing the security action, from say buy to dividend, multiple fields would have to be changed to be correct.

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    I am not trying to change a security name. I am trying to locate a security to change the memo field which is currently blank. At one time like versions before R44.20, the FIND option in Quicken had the ability to locate investment transactions and allow changes to certain fields of multiple transactions like the memo field. In fact, if I do a FIND/REPLACE for a $ amount in the investments, those transactions are located and the fields can be changed. However, if try to locate those same transactions by payee name or payee with Any Field selected, the transactions are not found. That seems inconsistent and buggy to me.

    Deluxe R55.26., Windows 10 Pro

  • leishirsute
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    More info abot this issue.

    I can do a date range FIND/REPLACE and investment transactions are located and can be edited.

    It seems that the the "FInd in Any Field option is ignored as the FIND/REPLACE produces the same results regardless of the setting.

    It seems that the FIND/REPLACE does not recognize the security name as a PAYEE. How does someone search for a security name using FIND/REPLACE?

    Date range search is successful in invesment register:

    Deluxe R55.26., Windows 10 Pro

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