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I noticed in the past week or so, my checking account balance was showing higher than it should (despite checking that box to show the balance as the online balance). A bit of looking around and I saw a strange draft deposit from Chase (which our Amazon credit card is through). The first one I deleted and brought the checking back to balance. However now I am seeing that ALL our Amazon purchases on this Chase card are showing as deposits in our checking account. I don't see a way to reclassify a deposit as an expense and I'd rather not delete them all as I would like to see what we are spending on Amazon...

Anyone run into this?


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    Hi @Wildflower . Did this start happening after you had updated the version of Quicken that you are running? If so, perhaps the simplest and fastest way to fix this issue could be to restore the last backup file from before the version update. When Quicken updates the version a backup file will be automatically created and the version being updated from will be added to the backup file name. Here is an example of what that backup file might look like…see the yellow shading.:

    If you do decide to restore the backup file, be sure to backup your primary data file first.

    Otherwise you could try to troubleshoot it as follows:

    1. Back up your data file before proceeding.
    2. If you have a backup file from before when you started seeing this problem (or before when you updated the Quicken version and before when you changed your Amex connection method to EWC+), restore it and make note of the dollar amount of the Opening Balance transaction. Then compare that to the Opening Balance transaction dollar amount in your primary data file. If they are different, change the dollar amount in your primary data file to match what it is in that backup file. If that fixes the issue for you, then you are done. If not, proceed to the next step.
    3. Look for a 2nd Opening Balance transaction in the account register that is dated later than the 1st one. If you find one, manually delete it. If that fixes the issue for you, then you are done. If not, proceed to the next step.
    4. Scroll back through the account register looking for duplicate transactions. Delete any duplicate transactions you find so only 1 of each transaction remains. There might be quite a few. Generally when this happens it will occur somewhere within the approximately 90-days window prior to when the Quicken version was updated or when the connection method was changed to EWC+….but it could all be within a shorter or longer window than this.

    If you find these issues, then correcting them should eliminate the problem you are seeing in the register.

    Let me know what you find out and if any of this resolved the issue for you.

    Quicken Classic Premier (US) Subscription: R57.16 on Windows 11

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