Regarding reconciling an investment account.

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I have an IRA investment account that I download from Trade PMR every month. Used to be with Wells Fargo Advisors. Everything worked fine. Everything still seems to be fine, sort of. While it shows under Account Overview after downloading that I have the correct investments, the correct number of shares showing any increases and the correct market value in the account at the end of the month (I would assume therefore everything is working okay). When I go to reconcile, everything is checked as cleared indicating it reconciled okay and the difference is zero. BUT….anything that was downloaded as a reinvested income action shows $0.00 for an amount. If I go to the transactions everything is there, dividend amount, shares purchased etc. So am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? Did Quicken change something?


  • Mark1104
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    it depends on how the financial institution reports the transactions to Quicken.

    if you are reinvesting dividends, either of the following has the same outcome.

    ONE reinvest transaction indicating the number of shares reinvested at a specific price. impact on cash is zero.

    TWO transacctions. The first is a dividend transaction which increases cash and a second transaction that invests that cash at a specific price which is reflected as a number of shares purchased.

    the outcome is the same either way. Making a mountain out of a molehill from my perspective.

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    You mean it looks like this?:

    That's exactly correct.

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