No longer receive last 4 digits of Chase transfer during download

I am using Quicken Premier and have been downloading transactions for years. Recently, I noticed that I no longer receive the last 4 digits of the transferred account number in the downloaded transferred transaction from Chase Bank. It is now shown as "XXXX" instead of the actual last 4 digits of the account number. This presents a problem because each month I receive transfers from 2 different accounts into a different Chase account for the same amount. It is very difficult to determine which account the downloaded transferred transaction is from without the last 4 digits of the account number. Is this a new norm or a problem?


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    The Financial Institution decides what data to provide for the downloads so I'm betting that Chase made the change.

    If you have not already done so, you might want to go to the Account Register > upper right Gear icon > Register Columns > check the boxes for Downloaded data (highlighted in yellow) > Done. Then look at the register to see which of these might provide you with information that would help you differentiate between the deposits. I can't assure you that you will have that data in those fields but I think it would be worth a shot taking a look at it.

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    Went to the register columns an tried all the downloaded options and did not find any that contained the account's last 4 digits. So, it seems that Chase is not sending the correct information any longer.
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    Just as a workaround … how about changing the amount of one of the transfers? If both transfers are for, e.g., $500.00 then change one of them to $500.01
    Now you know who's who …

    Aside from the additional register fields, if you know how to work your way thru the OFX log file, you could find these transactions and see exactly what raw data are being transmitted, before Quicken tries to interpret the data.

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    It would appear so. There is a way to see exactly what information Chase (or any financial institution) downloaded during OSU. It is not a very user-friendly process but it will include every piece of transaction information that was downloaded into Quicken.

    1. Go to Help > Contact Support > Log Files > OFX Log.
    2. Save the file to your hard drive and then open it with Notebook.
    3. Search for the transaction(s) in question.

    The most recent OSU data will be at the bottom of the file.

    The search process can be made a bit easier if you do CTRL+F and enter something rather unique about the transaction, such as the Payee's name, the date of the transaction or the dollar amount of the transaction. Once found, review the transaction information to see if the data you are wanting to see is listed there and if it is as you had expected to see or if it is with "XXXX" in the Payee's name. If it is shown there with "XXXX" that means Chase is downloading it that way. If it is different from "XXXX" then it means that Quicken is changing the Payee name. It can be somewhat difficult to make heads or tails of the data but it is possible.

    A few other things to look into. If you make these suggested changes they will be applied to all of your Accounts in Quicken, not just to Chase.:

    1. Tools > Renaming Rules: Review the list to see if the Payee is listed with "XXXX" in the name. If it is, then it is the Renaming Rule that is actually changing what was downloaded to show the "XXXX" instead of what was actually downloaded. If you find such a Renaming Rule simply delete it.
    2. Tools > Memorized Payees: Review the list to see if there is a listing for the Payee with "XXXX" in the name. If you find one, delete it. (Note: There might be more than one listing for this payee because each listing might have a different category. If you find more than one listing, delete all of them.)
    3. Edit > Preferences > Downloaded Transactions: 1) Make sure the box for Automatically apply Quicken's suggested name to payee is not checked. 2) If you have Quicken set to automatically create renaming rules, make sure the box for Let me review/confirm the automatically created rules is checked. Doing these things can prevent Quicken from changing the Payee name with future downloads.

    (QW Premier Subscription: R49.29 on Windows 11)

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