Can't delete an account from the account list

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Mar 25, 2023: I'm attempting to delete an account from the account list. I can get into the Edit feature, but Deactivating the transaction download doesn't work. Deleting the Account at the bottom doesn't work. Close Account under the Display Options tab doesn't work. Literally, nothing happens to that account. It doesn't go to zero per the instructions. I ran a Validate and Repair and there were no errors. I finally had to manually remove all line entries for that account and then "hide" the account. That's pretty poor.


  • Tom Young
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    "I finally had to manually remove all line entries for that account and then "hide" the account."

    Your problem could be caused by data file corruption that Validate couldn't find and fix, but eliminating all the transactions should be the way to go here if that Account was a real Account in your data file that you simply don't want to use anymore. There's a ripple effect to doing that in that all history of past income and expenses associated with that Account has disappeared and Transfers involving that Account have also gone away, and that affects other Accounts in your file. Better, in my opinion ,would be to enter a final transaction into that Account that zeros out the Account. You can do that by making a self-referring entry whereby the "Category" used is the Account name, surrounded by square brackets: [Account Name]. That leaves your history intact and doesn't affect any other Account in your file.

    A more "robust" stab at fixing possible data corruption in the file would be first to create a Copy using Quicken's "Create a copy or a template" and validating that copy. All Accounts' downloading functions will have to be re-created.

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