Getting an error about account expiration even though account is up to date

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Hi there,

I am getting the error 'Your Starter plan expired before this version of Quicken was released.' even though my account auto-renewed and doesn't expire until 2024. I have tried logging in and out of quicken and also reinstalling. Any suggestions? Thanks


  • Jon
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    WHich version of Qicken are you running?

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  • jbj
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    6.12.5 Starter Edition subscription, MacOS. Thanks.
  • jbj
    jbj Member ✭✭
    Today it told me I don't have a quicken membership when I started quicken. I logged in and there it is, all good, expiring 2024... Is there anyone from Intuit on this board?
  • jacobs
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    @jbj This forum isn't Quicken Support; it's fellow Quicken users and a hadful of Quicken moderators. For issues with subscriptions, you'd be best to contact Quicken Support. Just click the Support link at the top of this page. Support is available via chat or phone during the week.

    P.S. There definitely isn't ayone from Intuit on this forum, because Quicken isn't owned by Intuit! 😉 Quicken used to be part of Intuit, but was sold off to be an independent company seven years ago.

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