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Question. If I never enter a manual transaction shouldn't my downloaded data always reconcile with my bank? I am constanly having to adjust my reconciliation to balance.
How can this be?


  • Tom Young
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    You'd think it should work that way, wouldn't you? But the implicit assumption there is that everything works perfectly, and it frequently doesn't. There's two "top of mind" reasons why you might be experiencing this problem. One is that not all transactions are actually being downloaded, which can happen. The other is that the "Online Balance" being downloaded, (assuming you've selected "Reconcile using online balance"), is incorrect, another problem I see not infrequently in here.

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    timing … what the downloaded transactions represent vs what the balance represents… ie Pending

    Are you using the Online Balance ?
    Does the Reconcile flip/flop between being over then under -

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    Good Questions. I'll watch for that (Ps56k2) and I wonder, Tom, if I downloaded more often if it could help with some of the problem. I tis frustrating tho.
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    Are you using Web Connect? i.e. Downloading .qfx files and importing.

    If you aren't careful and watch for the start dates of the transaction list, sometimes you may miss a couple of days of transactions since the last download. This will obviously cause the balances to mismatch.

    Instead of using "download since last …" I typically use a filter date going back one full statement. Redownloading previous transactions will not cause duplicates as they have unique IDs and will ensure you capture all of the transactions.

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    Thank you! I’ll try this!
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    If this is your issue, please consider that if you do extend your start date filter, you may include those missing transactions that caused your mismatch, and now they will be included in the register balance which will cause a mismatch because of your "corrections" causing an overcompensation. … darn :) …

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    I suspect that there is a misscommunication happening with this thread. My answer to the original question, is simply "yes". I often enter transactions manually and have zero issues with reconciling. I currently use Express Web Connect, but the same was always true when I used Web Connect. I suspect that the original poster is doing something unconventional here. More details would be required to sort out what is actually going on - and even what actually is the question/issue. I've used Quicken for 30 years and have probably performed more than 2,000 monthly reconciliations and have never had an issue… well, if there was an issue it was an error that needed to be corrected.

    Some screen shots and more details would be very helpful towards providing a more clear and on point response.

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