Is anyone experiencing registry entries appearing in both the "Deposit" and "amount" columns?


I just noticed that after the last update (Windows Ver R48.15) my entries are showing up in both columns, effectively cancelling out the transaction. If I delete the amount in one column, the other also disappears. If I enter it in one column, it automatically shows up in the other. Help!



  • Tom Young
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    I've never used that "Amount" column since it seems pretty useless to me. If I turn on that column I can see that (for a credit card) a "Charge" shows up in the Amount column with a minus sign and in Red, while a "Payment" shows up as a positive number in Black, but the really important figure - "Balance" - is correctly stated. Are you saying that the Balance is not being affected properly? That is, the Balance number stays the same no matter what entry you make?

    Does deleting the Amount column from the Register make any difference? (I wouldn't think it would.)

  • rmstnbrgmd
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    Thanks for your reply, Tom. Sorry for the delay in my reply but I've been out of town for several days. It turns out that somehow, the "amount" and "balance" columns were somehow unchecked and weren't showing on the register. I've added them back in and now will go back and delete the incorrect entries and that should fix the problem. Thanks again for your help.


  • UKR
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    Register Column Amount together with Charge and Payment Columns
    Does your account register show the Amount column together with Charge and Payment (or Payment and Deposit) columns?
    Depending on your personal preference you should use
    1. either the traditional pair of Charge and Payment columns together
    2. or the newer Amount column alone (where you have to enter negative amounts with a Minus sign and positive amounts with a plus sign)
    but you really don't need all three of them.
    Removing a column from the register view does not upset the calculated register balance.
    Setting an amount to zero or blank does, however.

    Please decide which columns to use and remove the other one(s) from the view.

    Q Windows: To add / delete columns in your register click the Register Columns gear icon located next to the Balance column header.
    Q Mac: there's a Columns button at the bottom right of the register view

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